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Airline Landing Report
Get an account of all landings by aircraft type and by airline. A valuable tool for comparing an airline's selfreported landings to actual landings recorded by the FAA ATC.

Capacity Report
View instant graphs and charts of daily operations at an airport by selected date ranges. It also provides hourly activity numbers for both arrivals and departures. This report is great for airfield and capacity planning purposes.

Market Share Report
Provides a summary of the top city-pair markets for the selected airport, including a summary of flights by airline for each city-pair. Great for route planning and air service development purposes.

Operations/Activity Report
Summary of all activity at the airport, by airline, for a given date range. Great for a quick view of airport flight activity.

Detailed GA Activity
Combines general aviation activity with aircraft ownership databases to provide an active view of which GA aircraft are operating at the airport. Includes aircraft ownership and which market-pairs are being served by each aircraft. A valuable tool for understanding the nature and character of the general aviation activity at an airport.


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